On the team setting page, you will find the details of your team and the ability to change it. The page is divided into different sections:


  • Team name: Give the team a name. This could be your company name. Your team name should be between 1 and 60 characters.

  • Team logo: Upload your company logo. This logo will appear on your reports.

  • Default timezone: Choose a default time zone. This will be used for scheduling reports. You can change the time zone on the scheduling part.

  • Default attachment: Choose the type of export of your report. You can change the type of attachment to the scheduling part.

Contact details

  • Phone number: Fill in your phone number. This number will be used in case of emergencies.

  • Website: Fill in your website URL.

White labeling

  • Sharing: Share reports on your own domain. For instance, reporting.yourcompany.com. Links will point to your own domain instead of ours.

  • Emailing: By default, outgoing emails (with reports) are sent via the Swydo email provider. After verifying your domain, Swydo will send emails via that domain. This will remove the 'sent via Swydo' label seen in receiving email clients and improve deliverability.

Please read this article for more information and how to set up the white labeling.

Google Tag Manager

A Google Tag Manager in your online reports & dashboards allows you to have features, like a chat, Google Analytics tracking, etc. For more information and how to set it up, please read the article: Google Tag Manager.


The API allows you to automate and integrate with other platforms.


In the Administration section, you can see the ownership and transfer the ownership if needed.

If you have any questions, we can definitely help you further!

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