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How to: Reauthorize a connection
How to: Reauthorize a connection

How to reauthorize a connection in your Swydo account

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Sometimes, a connection you made with an integration loses its authentication. This can happen when you change the password of your connected account or if the integration changes its permissions structure.

In this article, we'll explain how you can reauthorize your connection when this happens.

Connections page

If you click your user icon at the top right, a menu will appear. There, click the option "Connections" to go to the Connections overview page.

Here you will find a purple button that says "add connection" click on it, and a pop-up will show.

On this pop-up, you can find all the integration available there. You can search by any of them by writing the name down or scrolling down through it.

After choosing the integration, you will see this message with important information to follow.

Last but not least, you have to choose if you will be sharing access to the data source with all of the other users or if it will be just for you.

Connect the account by following the steps provided and you will be done. 🙌


I reauthorized my connection, but it's still not working!

When the integration has made updates to their permission structure, the new permissions you need to accept might not always automatically pop up when reauthorizing. This doesn't happen for Google integrations but can happen for example, for Facebook Ads.

This can be resolved by removing authorization on the integration side. Below is a list of integrations with links to instructions on how to do this:

Once you've removed the authorization from the integrations, reauthorizing your connection in Swydo will ensure all necessary permissions are requested again.

I reauthorized my connection, but now it's showing data for a different account!

When authorizing a connection, some data providers automatically check whether you're already logged in to an account. If you are, it will use that account for the authorization overwriting the connection you already had.

To fix this, log out of the website of the integration you're trying to connect, and only then try reauthorizing again. You will then be prompted to log in, which will allow you to log in with the correct account.

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