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How to: Reauthorize a connection
How to: Reauthorize a connection

How to reauthorize a connection in your Swydo account

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Sometimes, a connection you made with an integration loses its authentication. This can happen when you change the password of your connected account or if the integration changes its permissions structure.

In this article, we'll explain how you can reauthorize your connection when this happens.

Connections page

Go to the Settings page on the left side panel:

Then select the platform you want to reauthorize:

You will be asked to add your credentials again, and for some platforms, Swydo will pull the data from your browser and connect the account.


Reauthorizing your accounts will NOT delete your current data sources.

I reauthorized my connection, but it's still not working!

​This can be resolved by removing authorization on the integration side. Below is a list of integrations with links to instructions on how to do this:

After Reauthorizing...

Once you reauthorize the account, return to Swydo and refresh your report or connect the data source.

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