In this document, we’ll outline how to connect Swydo and AdRoll ( data in your reports and frequently asked questions.

How to connect with AdRoll

First, go to the Connections page, which you can find by clicking your user icon at the top right:

There, click “Connect an account” for AdRoll to start adding your account:

The following popup will open, where you can enter your username and password to login to AdRoll:

Note: If you were already logged in to AdRoll in your browser, that account will automatically be used and you'll skip to the next step.

You'll be prompted to give access to your AdRoll data. This access is used to visualise your data in your reports. Click "Authorize" to accept this:

After loading, the popup will close automatically. If connecting your account was successful, the following popup will show:

Your AdRoll account is now connected to your Swydo account!

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