Custom Integrations are data integrations you can create yourself as a Swydo customer or technology partner. Create personal or public integrations that your company can then use in your own reports. Also, technology partners and development partners can build custom data integrations to Swydo. In your Swydo account, you can find the development setup under your account settings.

In this development environment, you can build and test your custom integration from a local repository in your own Swydo environment, and after that, when all looks ok and tests pass, deploy it to a GitHub repository so Swydo can access that in a live environment. By default, the integration is only available to your Swydo account, but technology partners can request Swydo to make the integration available to all Swydo customers!

The following examples are available to get the hang of how to create a custom integration:

It's recommended to first follow both these examples before starting with a new custom integration from scratch.

Have any technical questions while developing your integration? Ask your questions through our Custom Integrations development community channel and get help from our developers directly!

Are you a vendor, tool or software solution and do you want to make your integration available for all Swydo users?
Read more about becoming a technology partner and sign up here!

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