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My schedule failed to send. Help!
My schedule failed to send. Help!

What to do when your scheduled report failed to send.

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If your schedule failed to send, most of the time something's wrong in your report. This article outlines what you need to do to fix this.

1. Go to the report

Go to the failed report and check it entirely to see if any of the widgets are showing an error. If this is the case, check the error to see what you need to do. Common issues are:

  • "The connection used is no longer authorised."
    This indicates the connection that's used has lost its authorisation. If your own connection is used, a "Reauthorise" button will show in the error message, allowing you to instantly reauthorise and fix the issue in the report.

    If no reauthorize button is shown, the connection used is of another user in your team. In this case, you can choose to contact that user (who will be mentioned in the error message) and ask if they can reauthorize their connection to fix the issue. Another option is to replace the data source used in the widget with one of your own if you also have access to the data source. In that case, click the button "Replace data source" and follow the steps to replace the data source in the widget with your own.

  • "Unfortunately something went wrong"
    When this error is happening, someone from the team will need to investigate what's the cause. In this case, contact our support team at, or through our in-app chat.

2. Resend the report

After fixing the issues, you'll be able to resend the report. To do this, go to the Reports overview. There, click "Schedules":

An overview of all schedules is shown. Check the checkbox of your failed schedule and a button "Resend failed" will show. Click that button to resend the failed schedule.

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