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Call Tracking Metric Key and Secret

How to find your Call Tracking Metric Key and Secret

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In the article Connect Call Tracking Metrics, you have learned how to connect your CallRail account with your Swydo account. To link both accounts, you need your Call Tracking Metric Key and Secret. 

Please follow the next steps to find your Key and Secret: 

  • Log into your Call Tracking Metric account

  • Navigate to Settings > Account Settings.

  •  Click API Integration in the left-hand navigation, or scroll down to the section.

  • Click Enable API Access.

  • Your Access Key and Secret Key will be displayed on the screen. 

  • To copy/paste the Key, please click on show Secret Key

  • Copy and paste your Access Kye and Secret Key in the following  fields:

For more information about the Call Tracking Metric Access Key and Secret Key, please read their help page.

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