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Facebook Attribution window filter
Facebook Attribution window filter

How and when to use it?

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Facebook describes the attribution window as follows: An attribution window is the number of days between when a person viewed or clicked your ad and subsequently took an action. Ad actions are measured based on clicks and views of your ad:

  • Click-through attribution: A person clicked your ad and took an action.

  • View-through attribution: A person saw your ad, didn't click it, but took an action within the attribution window.

By default, the attribution window is set to 1-day view and 7-days click, which means you see actions that happened 1 day after someone viewed your ad and up to 7 days after someone clicked your ad. 

Facebook offers the possibility to change the attribution window. If you changed the Attribution window in Facebook, this will not be automatically reflected in your reports. Facebook still sends back the data with their attribution window default. Instead, you have the option to filter your widgets so they use the correct attribution window.

How to add the filter into your widget?

After adding the widget, please click on the settings icon (🔧):

Go to the filter tab: 

Click on "Add filter" and search for Action attribution window:

Click on the "Action attribution window" option and add the right view and/or click attribution:

Click on "Save settings"

Please let us know through the support chat if you need help with or more information about this filter. 

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