Sharing reports with your clients using online reports and dashboards are a great way to serve your clients with more interactive reports. For optimal brand recognition and fully white labelled experience, you can use your own domain to deliver these links. This feature helps brand your agency or company even more towards your clients.

Configuring a custom domain for sharing is restricted to users with the administrator role. Not an administrator? Find out who is on the user's overview accessible from the left-hand side menu.

To configure your custom domain head over to the team settings and scroll down to find the section on domains and press the "configure" button next to the sharing section to get started.

In the popup that appears you'll find a quick summary of the steps required to configure your domain, but first you'll need to decide on what domain you want your reports to be accessible. One option is "", but you're free to pick any domain as long as you own it.

To use this domain with Swydo you'll have to add a DNS record with your hosting provider. This record (a CNAME record) points the domain you decided on to our domain,

The process of configuring DNS records is different for each provider and is on the more technical side of the spectrum. We've gathered help pages of some common ones below, but don't hesitate to contact your system administrator or hosting provider for help setting these values if needed.

In general, the process boils down to the following steps: 

  1. Sign in to your domain host (where you purchased your domain) to add the records.

  2. After you are in your domain's host website go to your DNS records. You might find this page under "Advanced settings", "DNS configuration/management" or "Control Panel" depending on your hosting provider. 

  3. Select the option to add a new record of the type "CNAME".

  4. Type the domain you decided on in the "name" field, usually, you'll just need to enter the first part of the subdomain (e.g. "reporting" in the case of "".

  5. Type "" in the "content" field.

  6. Save the changes

Once this is done type the entire domain (e.g. "") in the input field and press the "enable custom domain" button.

If everything is set up correctly the domain will be enabled for your team, existing shareable links will be updated in the next few minutes. Links you sent to your clients before setting up the custom domain will continue to work too! Got an error? Don't worry, make sure everything is set up correctly and try again a little later. It can take a while for DNS records to propagate through the internet.

If you have any questions we can definitely help you further! 

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