Google made some changes causing us to be unable to calculate the metrics anymore. In their interface they now use the "Cost", "Clicks" and "Value" that attributed to conversions but in their API (the interface they provide to fetch the statistics) they only have totals available for these metrics. We chatted with Google when this issue arised, and they sadly informed us that the correct values for these metrics are indeed not available to fetch meaning we don't have the right data available to calculate the metrics' values accurately.

Predefined widgets

Google provides a lot of different categories to fetch data from. Each category has a default primary dimension. Because the Campaign performance category can handle a campaign filter, the predefined widgets fetch their data from that category which as its name describes returns data per campaign. If you show monthly data, we then have to aggregate the campaign values to monthly values. As we do not have the cost, clicks and value data Google uses, instead we estimate the value using the total cost, clicks and value.

Widgets without campaign filterĀ 

For widgets without campaign filters, follow the following steps to get a widget with data coming directly from Google and thus the accurate value:

  • Insert a widget

  • Instead of selecting a predefined widget, click "Custom"

  • Select the category "Account performance"

  • Setup the widget to your own liking

  • Save the widget

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