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Branding your Swydo reports
Branding your Swydo reports

Brand Templates

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With brand templates you can customize the style of your reports, giving them the look and feel of your company. In this article we'll touch on the following subjects about brand templates:

  • Creating and editing a brand template

  • Selecting a default template

  • Changing the brand template used for a report

  • Removing a brand template

Creating a brand template

To start creating a brand template, go to the left-hand menu and then click on Brand templates:

There, you'll find all the brand templates in your account. If you've never created a brand template before, a single brand template "Tulip" will be available as default for your reports.

To edit an existing brand template, click on the template you want to edit. To create a new brand template, click the green Add a template button. A new page will show where you can edit the following details of your new brand template:

  • Name: The name of your brand template. Defaults to "(New brand template)".

  • Font: The font used for the brand template.

  • Cover page: Change the text colour, and background colour and add a cover page background image (A4 size).

  • Header: Change the colour and content of the page headers

  • Content titles: Change the colour of a report's content titles

  • Chart: Change the colours of chart lines/bars and choose to show/hide the provider icon for widgets

  • Footer: Change the colour and content of the page footers. You can also disable the Swydo logo that's shown in exports if you have a paid subscription.

Once you've set everything up to your liking, click on Save the brand template to save the brand template. You can always edit it later by clicking it in the Brand templates overview.

Selecting a default template

Marking a brand template as "Default" means that every new report that's created will automatically use this brand template. To make a brand template the default, hover the mouse over your new Brand Template and click on the "Default" ribbon that appears in the top right corner.

The ribbon will change color indicating the template is now the default and will be used in all reports you create from that moment on. 

Changing the brand template used for a report

If you created a new brand template, and now want to use it in an existing report, go to the report. Look for the Brand template on the right side and click the dropdown. Your available brand templates will be shown. Click on the one you want to use, and the style of the draft report will be updated instantly to reflect the new brand template.

Removing a brand template

To remove a brand template, go to the Brand templates overview and hover over the brand template you want to remove. A trashcan icon will appear to the left of it. 

Clicking that will open a screen where you can select a replacement brand template to use for all reports using the brand template you're about to remove. After selecting the replacement brand template, click Delete brand template to permanently remove the template.

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Happy Reporting!

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