On your cover page, it's possible to add a logo from your company, from your client, from the product your report is about, anything. This article will touch upon the following subjects:

  • Add a team logo

  • Add a client logo

  • Add a logo to your report's cover page

If you're the owner or an admin of the team, you have the ability to add a logo for your team. If you're not, ask an admin to add the logo.

To add a team logo, click on your user icon at the top right and go to Team settings.

There, at the main preferences, you'll find the option to Upload a team logo. Click that button to upload a logo for your team.

Each client, of course, has their own logo. If you're creating reports for your clients and want to show their logo on the cover page instead of your team's, you can set up client logos. To do this, go to Clients in the left-hand menu and click on the client. There, click on upload a logo to add a logo to the client.

Add a logo to your report's cover page

You can choose to show a logo on your report's cover page. This can either be the team logo, the logo of the client connected to the report, or a custom one manually uploaded for the report.

To add a logo to the report, first, make sure you to activate the option. Click on the "Edit Header" option and tick on the logo box. Once you've done it the Add a logo button will show up. A popup will open with the options to use the team logo, the client logo (if there's a client connected to the report), or upload a custom one manually for this report. Also, if you already have a logo setup for your report and no longer want this, you can use the Don't use a logo option.

After selecting the logo you want to use, the logo will be shown on the cover page (PDF) and header (Online reports).

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