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How to: Export your report
How to: Export your report

How to export your report and what export formats are available

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After creating the report with all widgets and KPIs,  you are ready to export your report. The exporting options are on the right-top corner of any report.

We have three ways you can export your report: 

  • PDF: Static reports which can be shared as an attachment or as a URL. Useful if you or your clients want to print the report. You can also download it right away from Swydo.
    Click here to go to an example PDF report.

  • Online Report:  An online report is an interactive web page.  You can share the report through a link, and your client can hover over graphs and see different results over time.
    Click here to go to an example online report.

  • Online Dashboards: Different from online reports because your client can change the date range directly on the report. Also, any change you make to the report inside Swydo will reflect on the dashboard immediately.  This allows you to only share the link once; your client can revisit the report every month to see the new results.
    Also, you can stop the online dashboard anytime you want, and your client won't have access anymore.

Cool extra features you can add to your Online Report and Online Dashboard: 

Google Tag Manager! You can add Google tag Manager to your online reports to track visits or even add a chat to talk with your clients about the report instantly!
Read here how to set this up.


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