If you're the owner or an admin of your Swydo team, you'll have the ability to manage users in your team. 

In this article we'll discuss how to:

  • Invite users
  • Revoke users
  • Change a user's role within the team
  • Transfer ownership

To start managing users, click on Users in the left-hand menu. 

Invite users

If you want to invite others to also work in your team in Swydo, click the Invite new user button. A popup with the following fields will appear:

  • Name: The name of the user.
  • Email: The email address of the user. The user will receive an invite on this email address, so make sure this is entered correctly.
  • Role: The permissions the user has within the company. More info on what the different roles mean can be found here.

Once you've setup these settings, click Invite user. The user will then be listed as Pending user until they click the activation link in the invitation email they receive.

Revoke users

If you want to remove a user from the team, for example if a colleague left the company, go to Users in the left-hand menu. There, click on the user you want to remove and then on the Revoke access button at the top right.

A popup will open in which you need to confirm you really want to revoke the user's access. If you're not sure, you can there still choose to cancel here. Otherwise, click the red button Revoke access to revoke the user's access to the team.

Restore access

If at some point you want to give a deactivated user access again, you can reactivate the user. To do so, find and click the user in the deactivated users list. There you can restore access by clicking on the Activate user button.

Change user role

If you setup a user in Swydo, and you want to change their role, click on the user on the Users page. There, click the blue Change role button.

A popup will show where you can choose which role you want to give to the user:

More info on what all of the user roles mean, can be found here

Transfer ownership

The owner of the account is the only one who can cancel the Swydo subscription. To transfer ownership to another team member, click on your user icon at the top right. There, go to Team settings.

Scroll down to Administration and you'll find the Ownership option. 

If you want to change the owner of the team, click the dropdown to select an active user. Once you've selected someone, click Transfer

To make sure you're transferring it to the correct user, a popup will appear where you have to enter the name of the new owner of the account. If you're sure you want to transfer ownership, enter the name, and click Confirm: Transfer ownership to complete the transfer.

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