A client in Swydo is one of your real clients. On a client's page, you can save contact details, and keep track of projects, reports, Google Drive documents, tasks, and time you spent working on the client.

Creating clients will allow you to connect the client's data sources on their details page. This will make access to information easier when you create reports and will help you keep everything in the account organized.

Create a client

To create a client, go to Clients in the left-hand menu. There, click on Add a client to start creating a client. Fill in the client's information in the pop-up window that appears: 

  • Name: Give the client the name that you like

  • Description: Add a description for your client

Note that all of these fields are optional, so you don't have to fill them in at this point. You can also add them at a later moment.

Once you're done with the fields, click Create client.

Connect default data source

The client will be created and at the right side of your screen, you'll find the following box:

Click on the "connect a data source" button. Then the system will show you a page with all providers for you to choose from:

Click on the provider, log in and add the data source you are looking for.

Once you've done that you will find the data source linked to your client.

Archiving/removing a client

If you have a client that needs to be removed from your account, you can always archive them by clicking the Archive button on the client detail page:

Archived clients' data sources don't count on your bill.
Reports of archived clients will also no longer show up in your report overview, so you only see reports that are still relevant. And all schedules of these reports connected to the client will automatically pause so they are not sent out anymore! 


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