By using Google My Business you're attracting new customers with a free Google listing. Thanks to this integration its possible to report and analyse this data. 

To add the Google My business KPis or widgets, please follow the next steps: 

  1. Click on insert and choose KPI or Widget. In this example we choose for KPI. 

2. Click on Google My Business 

3. And connect it with the right account: 

4. When you click on add data source at the top right, you can choose a KPI

5. Go to the tab: Metrics and choose the metric that you're looking for

6. Go to the tab: Filter and choose the right location. Please note that location is in this case the account (or brand).

As you can see in the above image, Swydo is the account that I want to report on. Add the account and click on save settings. You can add max. 10 locations. 

Voila! You just added a Goolge My Business KPI or widget :) 

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