What is Swydo about?

We are about Reporting, Monitoring and a smooth Workflow for Online Marketers!

Swydo's industry-proven, award winning platform, retrieves data from multiple external sources to help digital agencies create fancy, professional and customizable marketing reports.

Swydo is an acronym for "Show What You Do Online" and came to live in 2009. We simply help marketing teams speed up their reporting flow.

By doing so, many agencies actually save up a great amount of time by quickly creating professional reports while adding more value in analyzing data and gaining actionable insights.

Some of the key features of Swydo


Very Easy PPC, Social and Analytics reporting. Create beautiful and very insightful online marketing reports within minutes.


Simple KPI indicators tell you which online campaigns are going well or which needs your attention.


Collaboration, task management, calendar integration and much more to make life for online marketers easier.

Additional features are, multi language reports, custom e-mail domain, publication formats and APIs.

What are the key benefits of Swydo?

Who uses Swydo?

We serve over 1,500 large and small agencies all over the globe. Our users are digital agencies, in house marketers and business owners. 

Why Swydo?

We are proud to say that we are one of the world's leading reporting platforms for digital agencies. That's one.

And, personally, we think Swydo:

  • Is fairly easy to use

  • Has a consistent reliability

  • Excellent customer service, with an honest smile

  • Knowledgeable and trustworthy

  • Is more then a platform: we are your reporting partner.

A selection of our data integrations

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